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·     The Sun’s Hora is auspicious for all political work, dealing with and meeting politicians, leaders and government officials, applying for jobs, court related dealings,

·     The Moon’s Hora is auspicious for joining service, to meet elders, for change of place and residence, travelling, to undertake house and property related matters, for meeting the opposite sex and romance, for buying and wearing ornaments, for mediation, for buying and selling of textiles and apparels, all water related works and creative and artistic works.

·     The Mars Hora is auspicious for dealing with land and agriculture related matters, buying and selling of vehicles, electrical and engineering works, adventurous undertakings and sports, for giving and taking loans, for physical exercises and martial arts, and for matters related brothers and also fire.

·     The Hora of Mercury is auspicious for trade and business related matters, for all types of work related to medicines, for learning and teaching, for studying scriptures, astrology, writing, printing and publishing related works, all types of accounts work, for telecommunication and computer related matters. Avoid quarrels and confrontations.

·     The Hora of Jupiter is highly auspicious for all auspicious undertakings. It is auspicious for joining a job, to start business, to meet the elders, to start a new course or learning, for court related matters, for all religious undertakings,

·     The Hora of Venus is auspicious for love and marriage related matters, for buying and selling of ornaments and cloths, for recreation and entertainment related matters, to buy or use new vehicles and for dance and music related matters.

·     The Hora of Saturn is suitable to deal with labor related matters, for oil and iron related businesses. It is inauspicious for all other matters.